MITRPAK Right Angle Gearbox

MITRPAK is the right angle gearbox and  spiral bevel gear drive specialist. Our instant-ship service across our product line, plus in-depth knowledge of your application, delivers exactly what you need when you need it. MITRPAK offers:

  • Fast lead times
  • High reliability
  • Ease of ordering

This focus on speed and technical expertise makes MITRPAK the preferred supplier for OEM and MRO customers desiring reduced risk, lower inventory, and improved asset availability.

Industry leaders from packaging equipment, food processing equipment, material handling and aerospace and defense select MITRPAK for their power transmission and right angle gearbox needs.  MITRPAK can assist in applications where existing right angle gearbox products must be redesigned because engineers have unique requirements. MITRPAK gearboxes are used in special applications where power transmission must turn a corner and the end-use environment cannot be contaminated by an open drive.

MITRPAK creates only top quality right angle gearboxes and spiral bevel gear drives that will last for years in all but the most strenuous applications. To reduce any downtime, MITRPAK stocks standard parts so that they are ready to ship the day they are needed.

MITRPAK precision machining reduces backlash in gearboxes featuring a unique adjustable locknut allowing gearsets to undergo precise adjustment by hand. This leads to reduced noise and the quietest and smoothest operation possible. The reduced backlash also means less maintenance and an extended expected life.